We are
UC Berkeley's Space Technology and Rocketry
We are
UC Berkeley's STAR

Who We Are

STAR boasts the longest and most successful launch history on campus, with a total of ten completed vehicles engineered over our half-decade lifetime, and two liquid engines!

These vehicles have been completely student-designed and tested, from our in-house avionics to our liquid-fuel propulsion to our array of payloads -- ranging from microbial power cells to muon detectors, and even rocket-deployed aircraft! STAR also boasts the longest competition history on campus, having previously launched as NASA Student Launch, and now participating in the ESRA Spaceport America Cup.
10 Completed Vehicles 2 Liquid Engines 11 Subteams

Our Ambitions

Reaching new heights in national and international rocketry competitions
Gaining industry-level experience and making lifelong friendships
Educating local students and residents about aerospace technologies

Sounds Interesting?

What makes STAR special is that we are a very education-focused team, and new members do not need any prior experience at all -- we teach them everything they need to know! We pair all new members with a mentor and have them complete an intro project which will teach them everything they need to know to become a fully functional member of our team.

We have a variety of sub-teams available to our members like airframe, avionics, propulsion, payload, recovery, operations, systems, simulations, finance, outreach, and media. We welcome all majors and backgrounds!

Regular recruitment season begins at the start of Fall semester, though if you are super passionate please contact the lead of the team you are interested in to enquirement further information (Found under Teams > Specialty Leads)