Join Us

Join us at the beginning of every year

Application Form(not available currently)
Jacobs Hall (310)
General Meetings
Meeting with every member
Every Thursday from 8pm to 10pm
Etcheverry Hall (1st floor)
Subteams Meetings
Meetings splitted between each subteams
Every Monday from 7pm to 10pm


Why should I join?
Be a part of UC Berkeley’s largest engineering club, meet new people, and work alongside like-minded individuals on very cool innovative projects. Apply your in-class knowledge to real-world problems and gain technical experience in various fields from manufacturing and simulations to design work.

Join a tight-knit community who have access to career opportunities such as info sessions and interviews with sponsors as well as the ability to get your resume seen by each of our sponsors each semester.
What's your role as a new member?
As a new member, you will begin by selecting a subteam of choice and going through training and a lot of education to bring you up to a level where you can comfortably step into work. From there you will join a project team and be assigned assignments at the discretion of deputies. Although we may move faster at times you will have every opportunity you need to reach out to members, mentors, and leadership for guidance every step of the way.
What are the requirements to join?
No experience with Rocketry is required to join. You only need to be able to use basic tools and have a willingness to learn

If you would like to come in with greater experience some skills that may be useful are basic coding knowledge, experience with tools, knowledge of CAD and Github
What is the time commitment?
General members’ time commitment is broken down as follows:
  • Specialty meetings at the start of the week for 2 hours
  • GM + Project meetings for 2 hours again on Thursday
  • Additional time is comprised of build days, usually on weekends, and individual work time
One can expect about 6-8 hours of time commitment in a given week. This increases during major project timeline dates with work on several days of the week leading up to a launch
What projects are you working on?
This year we have 2 projects our solid rocket (CalDera IREC 2024) and Liquid Rocket (ALULA). Each of these projects is comprised of members from each of the various subteams so a lot of opportunities to be in the action.

For more information on each of the projects visit the projects page
How can I join in the middle of the semester?
Joining at times other than the beginning of the school year is different. In that you have no intro project mentor and are given less direct guidance.

You should contact the specialty lead of the team you would like to join for the best guidance (can be done through leadership page). Please ensure that you show up to the various meeting and speak in person with leads for the best support as you transition onto the team.

Above all please keep in mind that while difficult as long as you are in constant communication and put in the effort to catch up you will have a full spot on the team.